Our Favorites

With so many good examples of Spam Poetry, it is difficult to pick just a few, but here are some of our Staff’s favorites:

Verifiable education Bern cocoon basilisk
by Jamie Robison

Indeed, piroshki inside confess hand around onlooker.
A few pockets, and inside corporation to arrive at a state of bowling ball
beyond coward, plaintiff about,
and from cleavage are what made America great!

Climb the ladder to success Ishmael related to 287
by Garry Berg

If corporation over go deep sea fishing with dolphin near garbage can,
then alchemist toward procrastinates.

by Darwin

Byrd, into the oblong,
Brazil, of humid heat,
Typesetting, at that same,
Brassiere, bang everybody turned.

by Fulton

Gully, deliver,
Fermi, volcanic.

by Jonathan Olson

Antiphonal, buffet will ever, resuscitate,
i saw with, berglund,
and i will, absorb,
announcing the beginning.

by Angelia Houser

Dominion chinook bluebonnet
winnipesaukee luge trilobite
preserve votive braun
transship bulblet
comedian condition
cortege chieftain lordosis

by Marvin

Machinery, and quiet vassily,
marvelous, his magician!
have, cervix, dealt the blow,
benediction, yesterday knocking about.

by Earline Hendrix

Egress, when the condemned.

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