by Space Channel

Right on the Inception day, and right
in the Inauguration place of your Cit!y Deportment’s opening,
I had presented before you to take my enlistment..

there I presented all essential Documents,
Documentations, including the Banking Documentations.
done all photographs and all fingerprints
on the computerized machines well and truly, on the occasion.

Thenceforward, I fulfilled all the verifications impeccably,
and it was an age of the one and half year ago,
when I had successfully been enlisted in there.

But Misfortune Is!!
In spite of a twelve months’ greatest during,
I wasn’t gotten the ID Card from you,
moreover the acknowledgment of it
(A small paper) was to misplace anywhere

Therefore, I contacted you several times here in the city,
and sent you many emails there,
but there were just empty type promises and no conclusion;

therein, on the 9/08/2012, I had to make an anew submission,
that I hadn’t have any perfect information about
the before submission and its security about,
despite the many attempts, and a year in the during.

Well, by helping the new assignment numbers I could know it,
that there my previous enrollment was succeeded and secured at all
but the issuing of the card is yet in a pending.

Do you remember how have I been loosing ‘My Passport’
in ‘the National Passport Department’ for a fifteen years or so!?
Just for renewal of it again and again. . .

Which is still being made or run there !!
So, as a crucial and requisite other National and International Organizations,
I am used to write you about it, by sending emails from time to time.

While my Passport is still in a lost altogether
or in a suspect itself, You’re greatly being requested
to gain ascertained and assured it again that:

My ID card and the Identity isn’t in to be stolen there
raving it shall be fully tucked throughout there.
PLEASE, tell me freely if any further requisition
or requirement is required to do as behalf of me anywhere.

submitted by Luke Hegdal

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