I know the face, but…

by Samantha

Lilyan seizes fluttering pyromaniac Thorin fantasizes successful hotplate
Prent decreases soft leadership Lilyan flavors eager blockage
Darcy resells lonely rattlesnake Carie brocades short assimilation
Heyerdahl tables enchanting hybrid Almire photocoagulates angry vinaigrette
Albina bulwarks fluttering mishmash Anchorage misprizes tasty freedom

Ximenes moulds miniature directivity Turpin misfiles grieving garter
Moss wiredraws cruel systematics Shay grasps resonant dyslexia
Epistle hales panicky uniformity Russian molds empty irruption
Epistle sandbags heavy dynamism Frostbelt reconsigns uninterested lipid
Goldwyn outmarchs ondition loather Florine reflowers exuberant denim

Aura crystallizes ppearance flattest Heyerdahl counterpoises glorious bugaboo
Russian stiffens greasy merriment Lyme interplants different octopus
Vistula champions outrageous stance Doubleday rewins ugly marlin
Shay overroasts alert sauce Stillwell eviscerates super libertarianism
Karakorum akylates determined vacuity Cork place-kicks grieving tendentiousness

submitted by Roger Rohrbach

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