A Message from the Director

I receive well over 100 e-mails each day in my home e-mail accounts. I was finding myself spending an increasing amount of time sifting through all of the messages, trying to determine which ones had value and which ones were junk.

As I was going through a batch of e-mails recently, wondering which I needed more – Viagra or a new home mortgage – I came upon this short, provocative treasure in my inbox:

dodecahedron, broach.
ingestion driven foolish!
burundi menagerie.

At that moment, I realized I had been unknowingly deleting some incredible literature!

I began paying closer attention to the messages that I previously believed to be junk. When I saw how much time had been spent by these poetic spammers, I knew it was my responsibility to ensure that their work could be saved for all to enjoy.

Thanks for your interest in our collection of Spam Poetry.


Douglas Giles
Executive Director
Spam Poetry Institute

Preserving the fine literature created by the world’s spammers